WP – World Premiere
US – U. S. Premiere
WC – West Coast Premiere
NW – Northwest Premiere
SP – Seattle Premiere


NW, Louis Slotin Sonata, Paul Mullin

WP, Bust, Lauren Weedman

WP, Postcard Plays With Play: A Journal of Plays

WC, Frozen, Bryony Lavery

   Forbidden Xmas, Richard Gray (2005 Version)

Jordan Harrison Playwrighting Residency


   Frankenocchio, Stephanie Timm & Brian Kooser

WC, Biro, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine

WC, Stupid Kids, John C. Russell


WP, Ming the Rude, Phil Shallat,John Engerman,Rex McDowell,Bob Wright

WC, Twisted Olivia, Everett Quinton

WP, 1984, Wayne Rawley (adaptation)

WP, (L)imitations of Life, Marcus Gardley

WP, Ubu, Ki Gottberg (adaptation)


WP, Rash, Lauren Weedman

WP, Strange Attractors, David Adjmi

NW, Underneath the Lintel, Glen Berger

WP, Project X: Before the Comet Comes, Nikki Appino

NP, In Flagrante Gothicto, Alice Dodd and Jillian Armanante


NW, The Laramie Project, Moisés Kaufman and the Tectonic Theater Project

WP, Valley of the Dolls, Jacqueline Susann (WP adaptation by Jason Cannon, Burton Curtis, Allison Narver)

WC, The Waverly Gallery, Kenneth Lonergan

WP, Vera Wilde, Chris Jeffries, book, music and lyrics

WP, G-d Doesn’t Pay Rent Here, Kate Moira Ryan and Judy Gold

   The Convention of Cartography, W. David Hancock


NW, Reverse Psychology, Charles Ludlam

WC, Adam Baum and the Jew Movie, Daniel Goldfarb**

NW, References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, Jose Rivera

WC, Killer Joe, Tracy Letts**

NW, Great Men of Science, Nos. 21 & 22, Glen Berger


WC, The Psychic Life of Savages, Amy Freed

NW, Texarkana Waltz, Louis Broome

WP, Amsterdam, Lauren Weedman

WP, Hanging Lord Haw-Haw, Jeffrey Hatcher

   Under the Gaslight, Augustin Daly (WP adaptation by Ensemble)


   What the Butler Saw, Joe Orton

   Wuthering! Heights! The! Musical!, Eddie Levi Lee, music by Edd Key

WP, Expressions of the Spirit: Tales of the Brothers Grimm, created by Eddie Levi Lee with Esther Eelman, Martha Enson, Kevin Joyce, Janet McAlpin, Bradley McDevitt

WP, The Empress of Eden, Barbara Lebow

NW, Dealer’s Choice, Patrick Marber **

SP, The Complete History of America (abridged), Adam Long, Reed Martin & Austin Tichenor


WC, A Place with the Pigs, Athol Fugard

WP, (TRANSLATION) US,  Morning Glories, Michel Garneau** trans. by Linda Gaboriau

NW, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Dario Fo adapted by Richard Nelson

WP, Of Mice & Men, John Steinbeck, adapted from play & novel by M. Burke Walker

SP, The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged), Jess Borgeson, Adam Long & Daniel Singer**


   The School for Wives, Moliere trans. by Tony Harrison

WP, Moon of My Delight, Chris Jeffries

NW, Dracula, Steven Dietz

WP, Barrymore’s Ghost, Jason Miller

WP, Wuthering! Heights! The! Musical!, Eddie Levi Lee, music by Edd Key


NW, A Perfect Ganesh, Terrence McNally

   The Salvation of Iggy Scrooge, Eddie Levi Lee, Larry Larson, music by Edd Key

WP, Pants on Fire, Commissioned ensemble:Theresa Holmes, Elizabeth Kenny, Becca Shoenfeld, Caroline Dodge, Lauren Weedman & Joanne Klein

NW, Scotland Road, Jeffrey Hatcher**

NW, The True History of Coca-Cola in Mexico, Aldo Velasco & Patrick Scott


NW, Pick Up Ax, Anthony Clarvoe**

WC, The Salvation of Iggy Scrooge, Eddie Levi Lee, Larry Larson, music by Edd Key

WC, Love and Anger, George F. Walker

WP, Kin, Susy Schneider

WC, Mr. Universe, Jim Grimsley**


   Mandragola Unchained, N. Machiavelli, adapted by Eddie Levi Lee, Edd Key & ensemble

WC, Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me, Frank McGuinness**

WC, Kiss of Blood: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, adaptations by Andre de Lorde & Jim Grimsley

   “Oh, Mr. Faulkner, Do You Write?”, John Maxwell with Tom Dupree

WP, Rodeo Radio, Eddie Levi Lee, music by Edd Key


   Some Things You Need to Know Before the World Ends: A Final Evening with the llluminati, Eddie Levi Lee & Larry Larson

NW. Mad Forest, Caryl Churchill

WP, Hell on Wheels, Mary Lathrop**


An Evening of One-Acts: Kitty-Kitty and

WP, Last Supper, Edward Sampson & Matt Smith

WC, Arden of Faversham, anon

WC, Wolf at the Door, Erik Ehn**

WP, Dr. Terror’s 3-D House of Theatre Presents:

WC, “Blood Orgy of the Bermuda Triangle Zombie Assassins”, Dr. Terror by the Ensemble; Blood Orgy by Eddie Levi Lee & Larry Larson

WP, Dark Rapture, Eric Overmyer

   The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, Jane Wagner


WP, Virtus, Gregg Loughridge**

SP, Reckless, Craig Lucas

NW (guest artist), My Civilization, Paul Zaloom

WP, Unkle Tomm’s Kabin: A Deconstruction of the novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Rick Rankin, J. T. Stewart & Ensemble

WP, Jar the Floor, Cheryl West**


WC, Laughing Wild, Christopher Durang

NW, Etta Jenks, Marlene Meyer*

WC, Speed the Plow, David Mamet

NW, Tales of the Lost Formicans, Constance Congdon**

WP, Smokey Joe’s Café: an R&B Revue of the Music of Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller, conceived & directed by M. Burke Walker

Special Project — Goodwill Arts Festival — “Soviet Theatre: New Commissioned Translations“, Egorushka Oleg Antonov trans. by Elise Thoron;

   The Body Shop, Alexander Buravsky trans. by Michael Henry Heim;

   The Bathtub, Vladimir Mayakovsky trans. by Paul Schmidt


WC, The Puppetmaster of Lodz, Gilles Segal** trans. by Sara O’Connor

WC, Drinking in America, Eric Bogosian**

WP, The Big Bad Wolf and How He Got That Way, Greg Palmer & John Engerman

NW, In Perpetuity Throughout the Universe, Eric Overmyer

NW, Loot, Joe Orton

WC, Emerald City, David Williamson**

WP, Touring School Production: Whadda ‘Bout My Legal Rights?, Lauren G. Marshall** with Andrew Duxbury & Suzanne Grant


WP, Scaramouche, Rafael Sabatini, commissioned adaptation by Rex McDowell, James Monitor, Robert Wright

NW, Rat in the Skull, Ron Hutchinson**

US, The Overgrown Path, Robert Holman**

WC, The Colored Museum, George Wolfe**

NW, The Mystery of Irma Vep, Charles Ludlam


NW, The Rocky Horror Show, Richard O’Brien**

NW, Have You Anything to Declare?, Pierre Veber & Maurice Hennequin trans. by Cogo-Fawcett and Murray

NW, Don Juan, Moliere trans. by Richard Nelson

NW, Aunt Dan and Lemon, Wallace Shawn**

WP, Gloria Duplex, Rebecca Wells**

   Avner the Eccentric, Avner Eisenberg (guest artist)


   Boesman and Lena, Athol Fugard

WP, Sex Over Easy: The Aerobic Musical, Janet Thomas, Paige Wheeler, Jean Burch Falls

NW, Fen, Caryl Churchill

WP, Queen of Hearts, Anthony A. Doyle**

   American Buffalo, David Mamet

SP, On the Verge, Eric Overmyer**


   The Day They Came From Way Out There, John Engerman, Rex McDowell, Phil Shallat, Robert Wright

WC, Careless Love, John Olive**

WC, Husbandry, Patrick Tovatt**

WP, Bunk, commissioned from Klauniada

WC, Execution of Justice, Emily Mann

NW, Beyond Therapy, Christopher Durang


WP, Oktoberfest, Odon von Horvath, ** commissioned translation by Roger Downey

WP, The Fabulous Sateens Spill the Beans, Ensemble-created musical revue

WP, The Vampires, Harry Kondoleon**

SP, Broadway, Philip Dunning & George Abbott

NW, Kitchen, Church and Kids, Dario Fo & Franca Rame, adaptation by Roger Downey

SP, K2, Patrick Meyers**


An Evening of One-Acts:

SP, Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You and The Actor’s Nightmare
Christopher Durang**

WP, Tartuffe, Moliere, commissioned trans./adaptation by Roger Downey

NW, Woza Albert!, Mbongeni Ngema, Percy Mtwa & Barney Simon**

WP, Through the Leaves, Franz Xaver Kroetz, commissioned trans. by Roger Downey

WP, The Return of Pinocchio, Richard Nelson**

WC, Filthy Rich, George F. Walker


SP, Bent, Martin Sherman**

SP, Talley’s Folly, Lanford Wilson

SP, Fefu and Her Friends, Maria Irene Fornes**

WP, Mensch Meier, Franz Xaver Kroetz,** commissioned trans. by Roger Downey

WP, The Clown Show, Ensemble-generated

   A Well-Ordered Room, S. J. Bernstein


WC, Agnes of God, John Pielmeier**

WC, The Workroom, Jean-Claude Grumberg,** trans. Sara O’Connor & Daniel Stein

WC, The Paranormal Review, Eric Brogger**

   Twelfth Night, Shakespeare

   Midnight Snack, S. Creighton, G. Larson, P. Kelley, M. Dean, G. Gene Openshaw

WC, Still Life, Emily Mann**

WP, Back to Back, Al Brown**

NW, We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!, Dario Fo**

Touring Park Show:

WP, The Day They Came From Way Out There, Robert Wright, Rex McDowell, Phil Shallat, John Engerman


NW, 5th of July, Lanford Wilson

WP, Heads and Tails, Janet Thomas**

NW, Comedians, Trevor Griffiths**

   Room Service, John Murray and Alan Boretz

NW, Dusa, Fish, Stas, & Vi, Pam Gems**

WC, The Woods, David Mamet

   An Evening of Improvisation with “None of the Above”

NW, Private Wars, James McClure

Touring Park Show:

WP. Deadwood Dick, anon. adapted by John Kauffman, Chad Henry & the Company

Hosted the premiere Seattle appearance of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, with Charles Ludlam** starring in his adaptation of Camille


US, Illuminatus! Part I

US, Illuminatus! Part II

US, Illuminatus! Part III, adapted by Ken Campbell & Chris Langham from the novel by Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson

WC, A Prayer for My Daughter, Thomas Babe**

WC, Bonjour, La! Bonjour, Michel Tremblay**

US, Zastrozzi, George F. Walker

WC, Hooters, Ted Tally**

   Psychosis Unclassified, Ken Campbell

   Skungpoomery, Ken Campbell

Touring Park Show:

WP, The Voice of the Mountain, anon., adapted by John Kauffman & the Company


NW, Ashes, David Rudkin**

WC, The Misanthrope, Moliere, trans. by Richard Wilbur

   Magic at Midnight, Jerry Jones

US, Gossip, George F. Walker**

WC, The Landscape of the Body, John Guare

NW, Angel City, Sam Shepard

WP, Oregon Gothic, Kurt Beattie Touring Park Show:

WP, The Pulse of New York,  anon., adapted by John Kauffman & the Company


WC, American Buffalo, David Mamet**

NW, Knuckle, David Hare**

US, School for Clowns, Ken Campbell

WC, Heat, William Hauptman**

SP, Butley, Simon Gray**

An Evening of One-Acts:

NW, Sexual Perversity in Chicago

WC, Squirrels, David Mamet

NW,Jesse and the Bandit Queen, David Freeman**

WP, Born to Maximize, Phil Shallat & John Engerman

Touring Park Shows:

WP, Klondike!, John Kauffman, Martin LaPlatney & One-Reel Vaudeville Show

US, The Amazing Faz,Ken Campbell


US, Vampire, Snoo Wilson**

   Dandy Dick, Arthur Wing Pinero

NW, Bullshot Crummond, Low Moan Spectacular

NW, The Sea, Edward Bond

WC, Pilk’s Madhouse, Ken Campbell**

WC, Yanks 3, Detroit 0, Top of the Seventh, Jonathan Reynolds**

SP, Molly Bloom, James Joyce, adapted by Randi Douglas

Touring Park Show:

WP, Gammer Gurton’s Needle, anon., adapted by the Company


WP, Gertrude, Wilford Leach**

   The Alchemist, Ben Jonson

WC, The Ride Across Lake Constance, Peter Handke

WP, Woyzeck, George Buchner, trans. by Roger Downey

WP, Cheez Whiz, or Put’n on the Ritz, Megan Dean & the Company

WP, Ronnie B’wana, Jungle Guide, Phil Shallat** & John Engerman**

   The Unseen Hand, Sam Shepard

   The Doctor In Spite of Himself, Moliere (special event)

Touring Park Show:

WP, The Fiend of Gotham, anon., adapted by John Kauffman & the Company


NW, Alice, Manhattan Project

WC, Kaspar, Peter Handke

   Measure for Measure, Shakespeare

   The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams

   Mandragola!, Niccolo Macchiavelli, adapted by Paul Hunter, Kurt Beattie & ensemble

NW, The Tooth of Crime, Sam Shepard

   A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare

Touring Park Shows:

   Ten Nights in a Barroom, William Pratt

WP, Tom Thumb, Henry Fielding


WC, Subject to Fits, Robert Montgomery**

WP, Plum Pudding, story theater by Pat Campbell & the Company

US, Oedipus, Seneca, trans./adapted by Ted Hughes

WP, Cole, Company-developed musical revue

   The Indian Wants the Bronx, Israel Horowitz

(special event) Touring Park Show:

WP, The Venetian Twins, Carlo Goldoni, adapted by John Aylward & the Company


WC, The White House Murder Case, Jules Feiffer

An Evening of One-Acts:

   This Is The Rill Speaking, Lanford Wilson

   Cowboys #2, Sam Shepard

   Self-Accusation, Peter Handke

An Evening of One-Acts:

NW, The Unseen Hand, Sam Shepard

NW, Fando & Liz, Fernando Arrabal**

WP, The Lord of Misrule, Company-created

   Happy Days, Samuel Beckett

   The Caretaker, Harold Pinter

   Billy the Kid, Walter Woods

NW, Tom Thumb, Henry Fielding, Company-adapted


   The Dumb Waiter, Harold Pinter

WC, Chamber Theatre, Jean Tardieu**

An Evening of One-Acts:

NW, Cowboys #2 and Icarus’ Mother, Sam Shepard**

   The Tempest, Shakespeare

An Evening of One-Acts:

NW, This Is The Rill Speaking, Lanford Wilson**

NW, Softly, and Consider the Nearness, Rosalyn Drexler

NW, Melodrama Play, Sam Shepard

An Evening of One-Acts:

WC, Self-Accusation and My Foot, My Tutor. Peter Handke**

US, Three Hours After Marriage, John Gay, Alexander Pope & John Arbuthnot

WP, The Wax Monkey and Other Tales, John Kauffman & the Company